Hi, I'm Noël 👋

Backend Developer
and Python Enthusiast

My Projects

Find all my experiences, including the position held, the work done and the resources used.



Lead developer for this comprehensive project: An all-in-one TikTok solution encompassing view, follow, like, and share functionalities. Entirely written in Python, it's paired with a sophisticated website interface. Moreover, it's designed to operate overnight and efficiently manage all anti-bot challenges.


Restful (Flask) Backend

A project developed in Python melds a RESTful API with a Discord Bot. The API is responsible for user authentication and data oversight, while the Discord Bot presents a conversational interface for user interaction. This framework can be effortlessly incorporated to ensure a steadfast authentication solution.



A Flask-based web server, functioning as the primary machine, that facilitates the dispatch of multiple commands via telnet. Its objective is to provide expansive access for remote execution upon request.


NoelP X Injector

Efficiently integrate with active Python processes to execute queries that can modify functions or variables. This allows for sophisticated module injection techniques, potentially circumventing core functionalities such as authentication. Compatible with Python versions 2.8 and above.

McDonalds Calendar Automation

McDonalds Shift-Manager

McDonald's Netherlands utilizes a planning software that may not meet the expectations of all users. To address this, I have developed a tool that extracts shift data and integrates it seamlessly into your calendar. This ensures punctuality and promotes efficient schedule management.

My Projects

Find all my experiences, including the position held, the work done and the resources used.

About me

Just a small amount of info about who I am and what I do.

name: Noël P
age: 17
location: Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
OS: Windows 11 Along with several servers running Ubuntu 20.04
Languages I know: Python3, PHP, C# Markup Languages such as HTML & XAML And of course MySQL :)

My Blog Posts

Just a list of all of my blog posts...

UWP still relevant?

Is UWP still relevant, i mean: i know how to use it. I know how it works and how to design with it. But idk if it's still relevant idk im distracted

08/06/23 by Noel

I'm debating wether or not i should fully switch to C#

I mean, it's a solid language that'd land me a job for sure. But it's really easy to decompile. Is it used much in production?

19/03/23 by Noel

I'm learning new languages!

I'm trying to learn better designing C# and XAML.

12/03/23 by Noel

Flask Backend

Now introducing a backend fully made in Flask using Python and MySQL. Together with a sleek discord bot and an easy to use api

08/02/23 by Noel